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Love this delicious man, cheers for his 23 years!!!!! :D


havent written in my journal in a while. been spending my time watching tv and checking this lovely site like crazy. lol
im tired, school work is piling up, and my band practices are long , hopefully they will get better soon:(. 
rob was so cute when he was younger! lol

hello my friends! well the comic-con was a few days ago, (AAAHH) and it was AMAZING!!! i was like 10 feet away from the cast cause my friends and i were standing outside the autograph room cause only 40, yes i said 40, people were allowed to get autographs! wtf comic-con peeps! jeez. the conference thing was really good, it was weird seeing them on the stage, very surreal. Rob and Kris did the hair thing like a million times!!!!! it was funny.
it better be good
along with the movie
or i will kill someone.
im super excited for the movie too. THE CLIP THEY SHOWED AT THE COMIC-CON WAS FREAKIN AMAZING! i know some girl video-taped and put it on youtube,(which she wasnt allowed to do but someone was going to do it),  but watching it in good quality is like ten times better!

OK thats all i have for now

ok, i haven't written in my journal in forever, but i am now cause i just watched the twilight clip from the mtv movie awards and i am super excited (and may i say rob and cam are absolutely gorgeous) :D only 6 more months!!! care to share your excitement? post here!!
Haven't written in my journal in a while, new things going on with me
* rereading through twilight (again)
*waiting for all the cast of twilight to be announced
*hanging out with my fellow ewan mcgregor and hugh laurie fans
* playing music
* watching whitest kids u know and house reruns

that's pretty much it, if you stop by my journal, come say hi! i would love to get to know more people at lj!!!!!
Doing some work in the medical field, or accidentally become a reality tv star and have my career launched into movies, but i kinda doubt that is going to happen
What's your guilty pleasure?
sweet crepes, they are delicious, with extra whipped cream!
and eye candy of ewan mcgregor and hugh laurie
i'm a sucker for guys with accents!
What is your biggest dream? How do you plan to achieve it?
i want to be a doctor, i gotta go to college, med school, all that joyous stuff
and maybe procrastinate less

What Do You Have To Say? - All By Myself

How do you keep yourself entertained?
Most of the time just watch TV
or surf the web
but if i am really bored i will
force myself to read a book
Describe your idea of a perfect party.
A bunch of friends hanging out with some chips and dip and havin a good time.